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Family Reunions

Huntley National Association








Special Notes


Old Lyme, CT

Royce is seated in the front row, third from the left.

Ellen (Nellie) Sawyer,

Bessie Gear, Nettie Little

Royce Huntley

"How it Happened" by Royce

"In 1945 I started a small publication entirely on my own, printed for the Huntley Family. It was called, 'We, Who are Huntleys'. It was to come out spasmodically (which it did) and I hoped that it would be paid for by appreciative contributions (which it wasn't). In 1946, after printing two issues and having the typeset for the third, it died of exhaustion. My Journal told me that I had taken in something over $300.00 and the cost of printing, mailing, and general expenses were a little over $900.00. Now in view that this loss of about $600.00 was spread over 1 1/2 years, coupled with the fact, although I made a decent salary, I was always broke anyhow, so that loss didn't make too much difference. But in the very first issue of 'We, Who are Huntleys" page 24, under the heading, 'I propose': Proposition I. 'I propose that a national reunion of the Huntley family be held in Old Lyme, Connecticut, for two or three days in 1947.' We did just that. On January 26, 1947 at the Crocker House, New London, Connecticut, we decided to try to have a National Reunion on July 3,4, and 5, 1947 at Old Lyme."


Marlow, NH

Roy D and Anna Huntley,

Fred and Irene Huntley

Royce Huntley

The first "reunion booklet" was printed by Royce Huntley this year. The genealogy of the Marlow Huntlys was explained. Several of the men served in the Revolutionary War, including Nathan b. 1726 (Aaron II,; Aaron I,; John) and his sons, Rufus, Elisha, and Russell. As was the norm at that time, dinner was prepared by a woman's church group and served in a public hall.


Norwich, VT

Della Huntley MacAulay,

Josiah D., James M. Huntley

Robert. E. Huntley

This reunion booklet included the first dedication. It stated, "Let us Pause One Reverent Moment...In Memory of Charles Henry Huntley (1878-1948) Charter Member of HNA." The first Huntley Talent Night was held at this reunion. Thereafter, both of these became yearly traditions. Also included is an excellent genealogy of Nova Scotia Huntleys.



Words by Fern Huntley Kalar

First sung and adopted at the Official Dinner, Fourth Reunion, Pennellville, NY, August 13, 1950
Tune: Onward Christian Soldiers

You have lived for centuries

In the USA;

You have made it better

We are glad to say.

Now we all are spreading

Into different states,

From the Bay of Boston,

To the Golden Gate.

Chorus: Onward, then ye Huntleys

Join the happy throng;

Blend with us your voices

 In united song.

Wayne E. Huntley and the Descendants of

Nathan Huntley of Phoenix

Robert. E. Huntley

This reunion booklet included a financial report, minutes of meetings, and described the events of the weekend. Officers were elected at this reunion. A singalong, led by James Huntley of Norwich, VT, was enjoyed by all and became a tradition looked forward to each year.

Other talent night acts included ballet dances, accordion selections, a polka, and home movies and slides. MC Clarence Miller wrote, "Guests that wish to offer talent see the MC. He isn't the least bit hard to get along with." The Huntley Song by Fern Huntley Kalar was adopted.


Essex, CT

The Descendants of Elihu Huntley and Henry Huntley of

Lyme, CT

James M. Huntley

This reunion returned HNA members to their geographical roots. The Herel family has hosted many reunions. Virgil, our historian, had been injured in a car accident and wrote "Gertrude Huntley of Hudson Falls, NY offered the use of historical data on Columbus W. Huntley, her great grandfather." An excellent genealogy of Henry Huntley of Lyme, CT is included. For the first time, a bulletin announcing information was mailed preceding the reunion. Also distributed was a booklet of "The songs We Sang at the Fifth Reunion."

A separate New York State Huntley Association was organized in March and began meeting the second Sunday in July in West Winfield, near the geographical center of the state. The purpose of the group was "to create an expression of fellowship and friendliness among the present generations; preserve landmarks, graves, and records of all those Huntleys born or residing in New York State." The Association tried to encourage other states to begin similar organizations.


Windsor, VT

E. Huntley Pease

James M. Huntley

At this reunion each family brought its own picnic supper to the Fairgrounds Community Park Saturday night. The official, catered banquet was held Sunday at 1:00pm in the high school cafeteria. Huntley newsletters, written, printed, and mailed by Royce Huntley, kept members up-to-date on family events. An example: "Julia and Gertrude Huntley of Hudson Falls, New York, tolerated the Royce E. Huntleys at Phoenix over Memorial Day. We were all expecting and hoping to meet Fred and LaVeta of Glenbeulah, Wisconsin, but their car caused them to change their plans when it developed motor trouble in Lancaster, NY."


Plymouth, MA

Robert and Alice Huntley

“Chairman of Housing and Banquet”

Miss Edith Huntley

Griswold B. Holman

In his historian's report for this reunion, Virgil listed the names of more than 100 Huntleys who fought on both sides of the Civil War. At that time, one Union and 5 Confederate veterans, all over 100 years old, were still living. Virgil believed many more Huntleys had served than he had listed, and asked for help in identifying and adding them to his list. Ted Huntley, of Washington, DC, had travelled the farthest to this reunion.


Cooperstown, NY

Harry and Margaret Huntley

Griswold B. Holman

Harry and Margaret Huntley, the hosts of this reunion, started the first "Feed the Kitty" or "Hungry Kitty" picnic for Saturday night. The food was provided, and each member contributed to the "kitty" to cover costs. Tourist homes could be rented for $4.50-$6.00 for doubles, $5-$7 for twins. These were private homes where rooms were made available to travellers. Motels were $10 and up for 2 persons. Many tourist sites were recommended, including the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Farmer's Museum, and the home of James Fenimore Cooper.


Norwich, VT

Josiah D., James M. Huntley

E. Huntley Pease

During those years, an Executive Committee of officers met the first Sunday in February. The meeting at 2:30pm on February 5, 1955 in Springfield, MA included interesting topics for discussion: the idea of owning a place where items of interest owned and donated by Huntleys to the Association could be kept for all to see and enjoy, and the selection of a permanent place for the annual reunion which was rejected because it was felt that the association was too young and that membership could be lost. How far sighted the group was! Secretary Gertrude Huntley closed the minutes stating "No other business was at hand, and as some had to catch trains and others had long distances to drive, meeting was closed at 4:30pm."

"The Songs We Sang at Norwich" were sometimes familiar: "Tipperary," "Roamin' in the Gloamin'," "Pack Up Your Troubles," and "I Want a Girl," and "Auld Lang Syne." But have you ever heard of "The Old Family Toothbrush"?


Hyde Park, NY

Etta L. Huntley

E. Huntley Pease

Royce wrote a beautiful tribute to his Dad and printed it in the booklet for this reunion:

"Dear Dad:

I guess that this page will have to be a page of memories, ---fond memories, all. Dad, I remember at one time when I had been irksome to mother, you told me that some day I would not have a mother, but there would never be a day that I would not recall her to my mind. You said that there was never a day that you did not think of your mother. It was all true, Dad; but you did not tell me that I would think of you every day, too.

Humble Dad...You had plenty of time to stop to see a big turtle slide off a log in the murky waters of Six Mile Creek; or watch the Blue Heron wading in Old Peter Scott's swamp...I guess what I remember best was how you enjoyed just visitin' and relating your experiences...It was your love of people that was one of the finest reasons I had for starting the Huntley National Association in1947. How you would have loved to meet these people; wonderful people, just like you Dad..."


Palmyra, NJ

 71 Huntleys attended!

Henry and Molley Chellman

Bayard S. Huntley

This reunion was dedicated to Moses Huntley, the oldest known son of John the Immigrant. He was born in Boston, MA, but moved to Saybrook, CT and finally across the Connecticut River to Lyme. He and his brother Aaron grew up and raised their families here. They were farmers, but soon Huntleys joined the sailing crews of clipper ships or whaling ships. In the reunion booklet, Virgil, the Historian, listed 45 Huntleys who had lived to be 90 or older. Many had lived in the 1800s, and died in every state as far west as California. The Saturday night picnic supper cost $1.25 for adults and $.65 for children under 12; the Sunday Turkey Dinner, with all the "fixins'" cost $2.25 for adults, $1.25 for children under 12, and included the gratuity for the waitress.


Kentville, Nova Scotia

Priscilla Coffill

Bayard S. Huntley

This reunion tells the history of Daniel Huntley, the great-grandson of the immigrant John, who, in 1760-61, moved his family from Lyme, CT to Nova Scotia, Canada, and settled in the township of Cornwallis. He sailed on the schooner "Hope" from New London, CT with his wife, Susannah Beckwith, and their son Daniel, Jr. His farm was laid out in 1761 and encompassed approximately 44 acres.


North Reading, MA

Bayard and Dorothy Huntley

Molley Huntley Chellman

This Historian's report tells about Huntleys who moved west, beyond the Mississippi, in the 1800s. One of the first white settlers in Looking Glass Valley, Oregon was Daniel Huntley. He travelled the Oregon Trail, reaching his destination in 1851. Joseph Huntley, who was born in New York State in 1803, sailed around Cape Horn. He anchored near the Columbia River for water, and found gold near the present site of Port Orford. Joseph moved his family several times, finally leaving Oregon for Wyoming. On a trip back to Wyoming from Oregon to pick up money from the sale of property, he was found shot and robbed somewhere along the Snake River, and was buried by the road. His wife, Ester, died at age 93-11-0 in Placerville, CA, in 1915.


Saginaw, MI

Nina (Huntley) Roselle

Molley Huntley Chellman (James M. Huntley)

This reunion was dedicated to John Jackson Huntley, who served in the Civil War. He was born in 1838 and enlisted as a private August 15, 1862. A severe wound to his left hand caused him to be transferred to a Volunteer Reserve Corps August 24, 1863. He was discharged from service July 7, 1865. In poor health, he moved to, and died, in Hot Springs, Arkansas August 26, 1875. Virgil was still in the process of helping the host family placed in the line of descent from John the Immigrant. The Huntley National Association boasted 706 members that year. On August 14, 1960, during this reunion, James Dewey Pratt was born at 7:59am. in Durand, MI. Later that day, at 11:30am, he was enrolled as a Golden Member of the Huntley National Association. This means he is a lifetime member, and does not have to pay dues.


Guilford, CT

Wellington and Ann Parmelee

Wellington Parmelee

Many of the Huntleys in the Historian's Report for this reunion are buried in the Lyme, CT, area, and many of their descendants still live on Connecticut's shoreline in and around Old Lyme. Elihu Huntley enlisted May 10, 1775 to fight in the American Revolution in Colonel Samuel Holden Parson's 6th Connecticut Regiment. He applied for a pension on July 8, 1833 at age 90, and received $52.10 a year until he died in 1836 at age 93. His son, Barnabas, is buried in back of the Lyme Congregational Church.Virgil Huntley, the historian of HNA, Robert Herel, Chaplain of HNA, and William P. Huntley, past President, are all descended from sons of Barnabas. At the 15th reunion, 14 states and the District of Columbia were represented.


Plymouth, WI

Fred and LaVeta Huntley

Wellington Parmelee

"Fred and La Veta have the teakettle set up front!!!" announced the 1962 Spring Newsletter...that's HNA-talk for "Please join us!" The last page of the newsletter gives "approximate travelling distances that will be taken by HNA members attending the 16th reunion: Old Lyme-1,159 miles; Kentville, Nova Scotia-1,669 miles; Sheridan, Oregon-2,172 miles; Auburn, California-298,462 miles (some people may think that this is a little high estimate from Auburn, but did you ever ride with Randall?" Randall Huntley had the reputation of taking long, roundabout, possibly scenic routes to get places! This reunion was hosted by, and dedicated to, the descendants of Andrew Huntley who was born in Norwich, CT in 1757 and fought in the Revolutionary War Battle of Bennington, VT on August 16, 1777.


East Machias,

Jacksonville, ME

The Committee at

East Machias

Vera Huntley, Rudy Herel

The Historian's report of the Huntleys of Machias states that Jabez Huntley, Sr. of Lyme, CT served in the Revolutionary War and the French and Indian Wars in the campaign of 1757. He migrated to Nova Scotia about 1760 along with other families from eastern Connecticut. Unfortunately, this was due to the expulsion of the French from the area. Some of these folks fled to Lousiana, and became known as "Cajuns." After 10 years, Jabez sold his 250 acres and moved to Machias, ME. One famous descendant of Machias Huntleys is Chet Huntley, of the famous Huntley/Brinkley New Hour. Chet's great-grandfather, Reuben Huntley, was born in Machias in 1824.


Waterloo, IA

The Family of Frank I. Huntley

Vera Huntley, Rudy Herel

This was the largest reunion ever, with 230 Huntleys attending from 15 different states. To get the official reunion photo, the photographer had to take half the crowd at a time. The Ashtabula County, Ohio Huntleys were descended from Selden Huntley and Lovisa Peck, who left Lyme, CT around 1811 for Ohio. Their son, Calvin Selden Huntley was born in 1839. He was a teacher and a farmer in Ohio and then in Butler County, Iowa, in 1863. These were tough times: his wife, Lemira's, inheritance money was lost in a land venture, and the household goods were ruined by rain and dust in transit by train from Ohio to Iowa. Returning from schoolteaching one winter, Calvin's legs were frozen because he could not afford to buy warm clothing. With hard work and dedication, these obstacles were overcome, and their seven children had the opportunity to go to college. Five became teachers, one a builder, and the youngest, a cataloguer in a college library.


Wooster, OH

Orma and Forest Altland

Rudy Herel

This might be called a reunion of firsts: this was the first reunion held in Ohio, and the first reunion in which the meetings and meals were held in air-conditioned halls. The first Christmas tree in America was decorated in Wooster, Ohio in 1847 by a German immigrant named August Imgard, so Christmas carols were sung during Huntley Talent Nite (probably for the first--and last--time...but you never know!)


Clinton, CT

Words by Edith Huntley Ridley

Tune: Battle Hymn of The Republic,
because that was one of Jim Huntley's favorite songs
First presented at the Twentieth Reunion in Clinton, Conn., 1966

1.There are Huntleys who have settled on the rocky coast of Maine;

There are Huntleys who have toiled in old Ohio's fields of grain,

There are Huntley's who've reached greatness, And they    surely will again,                                    

They still go marching on!                                 

Glory, Glory, etc.

They still go marching on.

2. Huntleys fought with Washington When USA was born,                                        

Huntleys wore both blue and gray When USA was torn.                                        

Huntleys went on Clipper Ships A-sailing round the horn                            

They still go marching on.


They still go marching on.

3. There are Huntleys in the mountains On the far Pacific coast                       

There are Huntleys where the Fundy Tides Make Nova Scotia boast

There are Huntley Alleluias Ringing out with Heaven's Host.

Their names go marching on              

Glory, Glory, etc.

Their names go marching on.


You can never tell a Huntley but the way he wears his clothes.

You can never recognize a Huntley by the work he chose.

You will always recognize a Huntley, anywhere he goes.

You can tell him by his nose!

Glory, Glory, etc.                                     

You can tell him by his nose!

Wolcott and Betty Parmelee

Rudy Herel

Virgil recounted many of the special moments of past reunions in his Historian's report this year. A reprint of a Gila Bend, AZ Herald article announced that Mrs. Elizabeth Willson (HNA #494) was, at age 99, the oldest living member of the Association. Also reprinted is a collage of postcards sent to himself by Jim Huntley from cities and towns named "Huntley" or "Huntly." They are postmarked from Nebraska, Wyoming, Virginia, Montana, Illinois, and Minnesota. A Huntley Song by Edith Ridley was introduced.


Huntley, IL

Walter and Mildred Huntley 
Clifford and Helen Huntley 
George and Sara Huntley

Walter L. Huntley

186 people registered at this reunion! Huntley, Illinois was named for Thomas Stillwell Huntley (1807-1894). He moved from New York to Illinois in 1846 and bought land in Grafton Township, McHenry County. The village of Huntley, where it still stands today, was established when the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad was built here in 1851. You can see the large water tower with "Huntley" painted on it in large letters near a shopping mall in the village.


Shippensburg, PA

Rev. and Mrs.

Herbert Hartman

Walter L. Huntley

The first Huntleys to live in Pennsylvania came directly from England, as best we can tell. It was William Huntley, who, in 1692, married Mary Stanfield, a daughter of Francis and Grace Stanfield of Groton, Cheshire, England. She had arrived (with 6 children!) on the "Endeavor" from London on July 29, 1663 and settled in Marble Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. New England/New York State Huntleys probably moved to Pennsylvania sometime after 1800. Reunion go-ers enjoyed a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield.


Edinboro, PA

Alton A. and Jean Huntley

Alton Huntley

197 Huntleys registered! Since this reunion was held in the same state as the year before, Virgil reported on several famous Huntleys, including Joseph Smith(1805-1844), Great Grandson of Hannah Huntley and founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints; Lydia Huntley Sigourney (1791-1865) of Norwich, CT, who wrote at least 56 volumes of published poetry and prose; Elias DeWitt Huntley (1840-1909), who established the first book store and bindery in Newtown (now Elmira), New York. He also served as President of Lawrence College in Appleton, WI from 1879-83, and served as pastor in many churches, including Trinity Church, Washington, DC from 1897-1900; Carlton Joseph Huntley Hayes, historian, author of "The Political and Cultural History of Modern Europe," and recipient of the 8th Annual Cardinal Newman Award for outstanding citizens interested in the work of the Newman Club, an organization for Catholics attending non-Catholic colleges and universities; Chester R. "Chet" Huntley, of the NBC News team of Huntley/Brinkley; Calista M. Huntley (1841-1929), who enjoyed a singing career as a prima donna in Europe; and Rosina Delight Richardson, who weighed 5 pounds at birth, 515 pounds at age 19, and travelled with P.T. Barnum's circus as one of his "fat ladies!"


Hudson Falls, NY

Laura and Seward Hartman

Alton Huntley

The Historian's Report by Virgil this year was dedicated to Miss Gertrude M. Huntley of Hudson Falls, who completed a great deal of genealogical research on the descendants of Moses Huntley (son of the original John Huntley of Lyme). Moses' son Jabez Huntley (1760-1816) settled in Cutler, Maine, and built the first frame house in the town. He fought in the Revolutionary War, 1777-79. Jabez and his wife, Betsey, became sick and died within 2 months of each other in 1816.


Kalamazoo, MI

Memories by Jim Huntley

Memories do serve us best as we forward go

They lend meaning to our lives as the seasons flow.

In our Youth and busy years, we might care the less,

But at last, there comes the day when we must confess

That in Memory's Book the thoughts re-appear so strong,

And we revel in the fact--life has not been wrong.
True, the disappointments may have had their place,

 Yet, encouragements outweighed all the trials we faced

As we stay on even keel in this Living Quest,

Let's remember Memories that can serve us best.

March 12, 1971
White River Jct., VT

 Virginia and Dr. Dee and Mary Allen

Alton Huntley

The Silver Anniversary Reunion was held by the family of one of our most beloved Huntleys, Dr. Dee Allen, pictured with his wife, Mary.

He was revered in his community as a dentist with a heart, who could cajole and "gentle" children in his care. He attended many reunions, including the Mystic, Ct reunion in 1993. He died at age 96 on June 13, 1995. Amendments to the by-laws concerning election of officers (Article IV, Section 1) and payment of dues (Article VI, Section 1), were voted in at this reunion.


Midland, MI

Daniel S. Huntley's lob cabin

Bernice and Donovan Kime

Virginia Allen

One of the early pioneer settlers in Michigan was John Huntley#283(1805-1883) of Romulus. Pictured (Romulus, c. 1905) is a log cabin owned by his son, Daniel Sylvester Huntley (1842-1934).


Fresno, CA


Marjorie and Carl Cardell

Virginia Allen

For the first time ever, Huntleys travelled West for their reunion! A bus tour to Yosemite National Park was enjoyed, and a Hawaiian theme was selected so that Saturday night supper became a luau, served on tables around a pool. (One guest fell into the pool-no names!) The Huntleys "dressed Hawaiian" if they could! Talent Night also included Hawaiian songs, and a modelling by the Cardell ladies of three generations (a fourth generation was shown), of wedding gowns. This reunion took place during the oil embargo, but hosts Carl and Marjorie Cardell assured all that gas would be available: Regular, 41 cents; Ethyl, 43.9 cents; 2 cents off for servicing your own car. At that time, HNA had about 700 active members.


Clinton, PA

Rev. and Mrs. Herbert W. Hartman

Donovan Kime

This year's historian, Richard M. Huntley of Phoenix, New York, wrote of Huntleys other than John who immigrated to our country: Job Huntley, of England, whose wife Caroline Salisbury died in 1909 in Lowell,MA; Arthur Samuel Huntley (1848-1910) of Cardiff, Wales, who became a US citizen in 1900; Harry Robert Huntley of England, who may have descendants in North Dakota and the State of Washington; and William G. and James Huntley, who settled in Erie County, Ohio and were the children of Richard and Elizabeth Huntley of West Benard/West Penard, near Glastonbury, Somerset, England. Richard reports of a servant girl named Huntley who came ato a Virginia plantation, but her history before and after "has been dissolved in the mists of years." What a good reminder for us to keep our family history alive!


San Diego, CA

Mr., Mrs. Joseph Z. Huntley, Jr.

Donovan Kime

107 Huntleys registered for this reunion. Sightseeing trips were planned to Tijuana, Mexico and the San Diego Zoo, and other attractions. At Talent Night, a poem written by Doris Walsh, Mother of the Year 1973 of Syracuse, NY, was read by Larry Huntley. The title of the poem is "The Intoxicated Rat."


Centerbrook, CT

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Herel

Gordon Arnold

The reunion "came home" this year  and was hosted by the Herel family: Robert Herel's Grandmother, Bessie Huntley Gear, and Great Aunts, Ellen Huntley Sawyer and Ethlynn Huntley Holman, worked with Royce Huntley in 1947 to make the first reunion a reality. Since this was the bicentennial year, many reunion go-ers dressed in 1776-type costumes.


Flemingsburg, KY

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Russell

Gordon Arnold

Early Bird Reunion go-ers were treated to a Burgoo Supper, a Kentucky recipe that goes back to the Civil War, when a stew would be made of whatever animals could be found. This rather tame burgoo consisted of beef, pork, and chicken cooked in a large iron kettle over an open fire, served with corn pone. During the supper, guests were entertained by Mr. Alfred Bailey, Kentucky State Fiddle Champion and friends who accompanied him on guitar and banjo.


Muskegon, MI

Ephraim's home in Niles

Rev. and Mrs. Herbert Hartman

Orma Altland

One historical Huntley from Michigan is Ephraim Huntley, who settled in Hamburg, NY in 1816, but moved to Michigan in 1833 to purchase land. He narrowly escaped death when the steamer "George Washington" ran ashore at Lake Point, Canada. Ephraim settled on a farm in Howard Twp., Cass County, MI in the Fall of 1834. He bought 80 acres, and built a home in Niles.


Waterloo, IA

Paul and Mary Huntley and

Walter and Dorothea Huntley

Orma Altland, Edith Ridley

This reunion was dedicated to Mr. Frank Huntley, father of the hosts, "grand old man of the Iowa Huntleys," who lived to be 102. Both Frand and his sister, Libby H. Wilson, died in 1975. Libby was 108! Their ancestor, Martin (1750-1834), was a private in Capt. James Huntley's Connecticut Regiment during the Revolutionary War.


San Bernardino, CA

Glenna and Gordon Huntley

Edith Huntley Ridley

The host's ancestors, Bernard Chauncey Huntley and his wife Bessie, came to San Bernardino in 1906, the year of the San Francisco earthquake and fire. Bernard's great-grandfather, Asher Huntley, began the westward migration of the family in 1804 when he moved from Lyme, CT to Canandaigua, New York. His son, Asher, Jr., moved to Ohio in 1838. The next generation, Asher, Jr.'s son Chauncey Elizur, taught school in Ohio. His son, Bernard, was also teaching school in Ohio when, in 1881, his doctor advised him to move to California for his health.


Durango, CO

Charles, Allison Raish

Edith Huntley Ridley

This was the Huntley's first trip to Colorado for a reunion, and the first time a reunion had been held on a college campus. The host's grandfather, William S.Huntley, served in the Civil War, Illinois Infantry of the Union Army from 1861-1863 and was wounded in the neck during the Battle of Corinth, MS in 1863. When William S.'s daughter, Mary, contracted TB, her mother Lucy, brother Fred, and sister Fannie moved with her to Colorado in 1907 for her health. Mary had an infant son, Ellsworth, and when she died soon after the move to Colorado, Fannie adopted the infant boy.


Tullahoma, TN

Gordon and Angela Arnold

Gordon K. Huntley

This reunion was held in a stronghold of the Confederate Army of Tennessee. Tullahoma was the headquarters of General Braxton Bragg during the first half of 1863, with troops camped from McMinnville on the east to Shelbyville on the west. Hostess Angela Arnold owns and operates a bookstore of old and antique books in town, with a particular interest in that period of history, and relates that some local residents have still not surrendered to the Union Army.


Arlington, VA

Myra Hall Ralston

Gordon K. Huntley

A group of reunion go-ers went to the top of the Washington Monument at midnight to enjoy the lights of our Nation's Capitol.


Plymouth, MA

Everett and Edith Ridley

Joseph Z. Huntley

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Edith about her mother, Alice Parker, conducted by then Historian, Herb Hartman.

"For my family, it all  "For my family, it all began back in the early 40's with needle-point chair seats. My mother, Alice, decided the Huntley coat-of-arms would be lovely in stitchery. She researched the coat-of-arms all right, but in the process discovered there was no published book of the Huntley family history. We never saw the needlepoint chair covers. Mother launched into a new project--researching the geneology of the Huntley family.

"As her work progressed, she began to correspond with Ivy Horn, in Virginia, and a Royce Huntley in NewYork. ...This Royce Huntley began to write about an idea he had, to start a national association of Huntleys. Eventually, his idea bore fruit and the first reunion was held in Old Lyme, Connecticut in 1947. My mother and father, (Robert E. Huntley, of Silver Spring, MD) were there. Father succeeded Royce as President of the new Association in 1949. Mother continued her research and eventually published her work in the journal of the New England Historical and Geneological Society...."


Fort Mill, SC

The Huntleys of North and

South Carolina

Joseph Z. Huntley

This reunion actually took place both in Heritage USA near Ft. Mill,South Carolina. The Carolina Huntleys trace their lineage to Thomas Huntley, Sr.(1745-1802) and Zilphia(Sarah) Meadows Huntley(1747-1812) who came to North Caroline from Virginia. Thomas and his eldest son Robert S., served in the Revolutionary War. Later on, Carolina Huntleys fought for the Confederacy in the War Between the States. Another famous Huntley, James R.(1916-1985), was chosen to build a scale model of the famous Wright Bi-plane, which made the historic first flight in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, NC. It was used a the centerpiece of the North Carolina Exhibit at the World's Fair in New York in 1939.


Rapid City, SD

Neil and Doris Hall, Lilian Hall 
Dale and Marcia Hall 
Derol and Gail Hall

Shirley Craner

This reunion took place in the beautiful Black Hills. A group of reunion go-ers visited Deadwood, and the graves of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock, and viewed beautiful Mt. Rushmore at night. Neil Hall and his wife entertained by dancing a polka!


San Diego, CA

Joe and Karen Huntley

Wilbert Huntley

An excerpt from The Historian’s Report, by then Historian, Myra Hall Mitchell:


“I have been delving away into old letters, newspaper clippings, marriage and death certificates which were stored in shoe boxes, trunks, envelopes, and elsewhere. Many were a hundred years old but, thanks to some farsighted ancestors, they were not destroyed when homes of family members had to be cleared out. Much of my family history has been discovered from such bits and pieces... “I would never have known about the Huntley National Association nor much about my ancestors if Virginia Allen hadn’t found a letter written in 1939 by my mother to her cousin, Noel Allen (Gini’s grandfather), in which she mentioned having a daughter, Myra, who lived in Washington, D.C. Gini obtained my address by writing to the Postmaster of Kennebec, S.D., where my parents had lived before their deaths. I cherish the letter that Gini wrote to me and invited me to the 25th Huntley Reunion. “So my message is as follows:

1. Please read all old papers and letters found in the attic trunk.

2.. Please write names and dates on all pictures and photographs. How I wish I knew who some  of the dear souls were that I have had to file in the waste basket!

3. Please ask questions about your family heritage from your grandparents. Write this down for future use.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a member of this GREAT HUNTLEY FAMILY?”

Myra Hall Ralston Mitchell

8 November 1906 - 14 April 2004


Estes Park, CO

Jim and Carol Weitzel

Wilbert Huntley

 This reunion, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, was held in a YMCA camp. Reunion go-ers stayed in a dormitory--with a spectacular view of the mountains. Many recreation activities were available, from horseback riding to river rafting.


Traverse City, MI

Shirley Craner, Marcia, Anthony, and Jamie Ferretti

William W. Huntley

 Many reunions have been hosted by descendants of Henry Huntley(1811-1872) and Eliza Ann Brown(1811-1872) which includes the Huntley/Allen line. At this reunion, buffalo meat was served for dinner! Evelyn Simon won a bottle of non-alcoholic wine because her birthday fell closest to the reunion dates.


Stone Mountain, GA

William Hoag, Patricia Hoag,

Ken Huntley

William W. Huntley

 Many Huntleys have fought in wars for our country. A relative of the hosts of this reunion, Gordon(10, b.1920) Rufus Huntley, was killed in action during the Battle of the Bulge, 13 January, 1945, and was decorated with the Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Clusters. He is buried in the American Military Cemetery, St. Vieth, Belgium. A group of reunion go-ers took a train ride around and up the mountain to the top, and enjoyed a laser show about Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The lights on Stone Mountain are quite beautiful.


Bellevue, WA

Myra Jo Aguilera,

Frank Aguilera,

Myra Ralston Mitchell

Philip G. Arnold

 Talents: professional, amateur, and just-for-fun are displayed during Huntley Talent Night after Saturday dinner. This is a picture of Maria McKinney performing. Maria is a professional musician and at the time of this reunion was involved in a Music Therapy program.


Bloomington, MN

Bill and Joyce Huntley, Eva Huntley Wells,

Don and Bonnie Lou

Lucile Huntley Nelson and

Phil and Marilyn Ketterling

Philip G. Arnold

 A picture of our host Reverend William Huntley, who played his bagpipes for us at many reunions. Our HNA hotel headquarters was across the street from the Mall of America, which opened the Sunday of the reunion, Aug.11, 1992.

Scrapbook of our Reunion in Minnesota


Mystic, CT

Virgil W. Huntley Assisted

by William and Lois Huntley

Ronald D. Meier

160 Huntleys attended this reunion! Many enjoyed the many attractions of the area, including Mystic Seaport and Aquarium.


Salem, OR

Jay and Faith Greer Assisted by Our Children

Ronald D. Meier

Visiting Salem, Oregon offered reunion go-ers an opportunity to visit Mt. St. Helen's, site of a volcanic eruption in 1980, and beautiful Crater Lake.


Cincinnati, OH

Gordon Huntley

William P. Huntley

 Gordon provided different and interesting touches during the Saturday evening meal: a magician entertained each table, and beautiful yellow and white balloons festooned the wall in back of the head table. At the end of the night, Gordon said he had heard that one of the balloons contained $100...so the children popped every one!

Scrapbook of our Reunion in Cincinnati


Old Saybrook, CT

Robert and Marylou Herel 
Heath and Linda Herel

William P. Huntley

 For Evelyn Simon and Virgil Huntley
Loisann B. Huntley, Old Lyme, CT

Written for Golden Anniversary Reunion
Old Saybrook, CT, August, 1996

  Virgil and Evelyn
Are true inspiration
The heart and soul
Keeping HNA whole

You may not realize
In their quiet guise
How much they do, how much it means,
Their work behind the scenes

Mailing the cards, the bulletins, and booklets,
Scouting and scavenging for Huntley news snippets,
Collecting dues, writing up minutes and letters
Endless research to share heritage better

Seeking connections, the proofs and the hooks
For posterity, getting it published in books:
We know who we are, and how far we've come
We even know who we got our nose from

Virgil and Evelyn would thank many others:
Our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers;
They'd tell us it's teamwork, we're not to fuss!
It takes a village, yes, all of us

Still, at this Golden Reunion, 1996
Thank you, Virgil and Evelyn, for the gifts
The gifts you give: Time present, Time past
May our deep appreciation last

For treasures you are
Beyond measure, by far
Heart and Soul,
Keeping HNA whole


Flagstaff, AZ

David, Chris, and Amber Huntley

Lewis L. Headrick

This was our first reunion in the great state of Arizona! It offered reunion-goers a wonderful opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon.

Scrapbook of Our Flagstaff Reunion


Toronto, Canada

David and Joyce Huntley

Lewis L. Headrick

The last time the reunion was held in Canada was in 1958, 40 years ago, in Kentville, Nova Scotia. HNA reunion go-ers enjoyed a city tour in this city of plays and underground shopping.

Scrapbook of our Toronto Reunion


Longmont, CO

Lewis, Jeanette Headrick and


Randy M. Fuller

Reunion go'ers enjoyed the opportunity to visit the US Mint, Boulder, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Scrapbook of our Longmont Reunion


Racine, WI

Marcia Rose and Family

Randy M. Fuller

Marcia offered a tour of Racine, including the oldest lighthouse on Lake Michigan, Wingspread, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

We welcomed almost 40 new members that year!

Scrapbook of our Racine Reunion


San Diego, CA

Ray and Gail Raser and Family

Raymond C. Raser

Reunion go'ers enjoyed a tour of the city of San Diego.

Scrapbook of our San Diego Reunion


Logan, OH

Gordon Huntley

Raymond C. Raser

Gordon's goal in hosting the reunion in Logan was to make it affordable for families. He succeeded!

Scrapbook of our Logan Reunion


York, PA

Herb and Sheila Hartman

Marcia Rose

One of the most moving experiences an American can have is to visit Gettysburg National Park. The sadness and poignancy are palpable. This reunion offered us the opportunity to visit this sad yet special venue in our history.

Scrapbook of our York, PA Reunion


North Syracuse, NY

Carroll, Diana, Richard Huntley

Honoring the memory of their father, and our founder, Royce Huntley.

Marcia Rose

August, 2004

Myra Jo Aguilera presents a check to Virgil Huntley, HNA Treasurer, and Bill Huntley of Old Lyme Connecticut.

The gift is from her Aunt Myra Hall Ralston Mitchell, who passed away April 14, 2004. Myra had been an active HNA member for many years, holding the office of Historian, and hosting the 37th HNA reunion in Arlington, Virginia, in 1983. She remembered HNA in honor of her grandmother, Almyra Huntley.

Scrapbook of our Syracuse, NY Reunion


Bellevue, WA

Myra Jo Aguilera

Loisann B. Huntley

The Seafair Festival in Seattle this weekend provided special events for this reunion, such as performances by the Blue Angels.

Scrapbook of our Bellevue Reunion


Old Lyme, CT

William and Loisann B. Huntley-shown here with Virgil Huntley and Lucile Gear, HNA Charter Member #15.

Loisann B. Huntley

Scrapbook of our 60th Reunion in Old Lyme


(Words by Stephany (Chellman) Freifelder

for Virgil Huntley)













































Presented July 29, 2006

Virgil’s 90th birthday is Aug. 25, 2006



Big Sky,  Montana

Our trip to Yellowstone National Park

Ray and Gail Raser and Family


Gordon K. Huntley

(l-r)Gordon, daughter Diane, grandson Tony

Scrapbook of our trip to Big Sky



Freeport, Pennsylvania

Herb and Sheila Hartman



Gordon K. Huntley


Scrapbook of our trip to Freeport, Pa





Saco, Maine



Guy and Robin Huntley



Herbert Hartman

Scrapbook of our trip to Saco, Maine


Honoring Evelyn Simon for her 40 years of service

Thank you, Evelyn!


Hopewell, New Jersey


Casey and Maureen Zahn





Herbert Hartman

Scrapbook of our trip to Hopewell, NJ



Prescott, AZ


Lyle Johnston




Herbert Hartman

Scrapbook of our trip to Prescott, AZ



Lancaster, PA


Herb and Sheila Hartman



Myra Jo Aguilera




Scrapbook of our trip to Lancaster,PA






Warwick, RI


Lori and Janet Huntley


Myra Jo Aguilera

Scrapbook of our trip to Warwick RI





Cincinnati, OH


Gordon Huntley


Myra Jo Aguilera

Scrapbook of our trip to Cincinnati, OH




Rochester, NY



Ed and Donna Stalker


Guy Huntley


Scrapbook of our trip to Rochester, NY



Old Saybrook, CT

Trish  Gil and Casey Wilkinson


Guy Huntley

Scrapbook of our trip to Old Saybrook, CT





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